Public appearances

November 2017 — Interview on Animal Ethics for the TV channel N1 (in Serbian)

July 2017 — Interview for the Serbian Scientific Television.

April 2017 — Contemporary Science and the University (in Serbian), Radio Talk, Serbian National Radio.

December 2016 — Science and the Contemporary University from the Perspective of Social Epistemology (in Serbian), Lecture broadcast, Serbian National Radio.

August 2016 — Animals and Moral (in Serbian), Radio talk, Serbian National Radio.

Spring 2015 — Chair and co-organizer of a talk series for general audience held on animal ethics (in Serbian), Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac, Serbia. The following talks are available online: Moral and legal status of animals, Animal testing, and Domestic animals, wild animals and captives from the wild.

November 2013 — The Wisdom of Crowds (in Serbian), Radio talk, Serbian National Radio.

July 2012 — Is Analytic Philosophy Apolitical? (in Serbian), Radio talk, Serbian National Radio.

Recorded conference talks

September 2016 — Importance of External Experimental Data Repositories for Science Policy, Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation 5 (PSX5), Belgrade, Serbia.