Selected Talks

May 2023 (invited) — Keynote lecture, Private vs Public Funding in Life Sciences, Science Ethics and Politics Day, Center of Infection Biology and Immunity Graduate School, Berlin, Germany

April 2023 (invited) — Round table on ChatGPT-3, Empirical Studies in Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia

March 2023  — The use of AI in scientific evaluation through the lens of virtue theory, LIRa Seminar, ILLC, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

February 2023 — The use of AI in scientific evaluation, Philosophy of Contemporary and Future Science Seminar, Hong Kong, China

December 2022 — Effects of Team Culture on Epistemic Efficiency in High Energy Physics, Large-Scale Experiments: Reflecting on Theories and Practices, Karlsruhe, Germany

September 2022 (invited) — Artificial Intelligence Applications in Education: Ethical Aspects (keynote lecture), Second Symposium on Artificial Intelligence by the Center for School Quality and Teacher Training in Baden-Württemberg (ZSL) and the Institute for Analysis of Education in Baden-Württemberg (IBBW), Esslingen, Germany

June 2022 — Context Sensitivity as a Reason for the Virtue Ethics Approach to AI, Conference: Where AI Ethics Should Go, University of Tübingen, Germany

May 2022 — Normative aspects of the use of AI in science and education (invited talk), Laboratory for Experimental Psychology, Belgrade, Serbia

April 2022 — Has Science Killed Philosophy? The Use of Scientific Methods in Philosophy, Formal Methods and Science in Philosophy IV Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia

December 2021 — Trust in science: future challenges (invited talk), High Performance Computing Center, University of Stuttgart, Germany

November 2021 — Efficient team structures in science (invited talk), Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany

November 2021 — Algorithmic grant review: benefits and limitations, Philosophy of Science Meets Machine Learning, University of Tübingen, Germany

October 2021 — Why is an interdisciplinary approach necessary for increasing trust in science?, Trust in Science Conference, High Performance Computing Center, University of Stuttgart, Germany

September 2021 — Epistemic inclusion of marginalized groups in physics (invited talk), Workshop on Scientific Impartiality and Marginalized Groups, Salzburg, Austria

September 2021 — The Potential of Machine Learning in Grant Review: Predicting Project Efficiency in Physics, European Philosophy of Science Association – EPSA 2021, University of Turin, Italy

June 2021 — Symposium chair: Philosophy Meets Psychology of Science, East European Network for Philosophy of Science – EENPS 2021, Belgrade, Serbia

June 2021 — Symposium chair: Trends in Formal Philosophy of Science, East European Network for Philosophy of Science – EENPS 2021, Belgrade, Serbia

May 2021 — The context-dependency of lockdown measures, Barcelona Institute of Analytic Philosophy, University of Barcelona, Spain

May 2021 — The interplay between political and epistemic views of scientists (invited talk), University of Tübingen, Germany

February 2021 — Is there an interplay between sociopolitical views and epistemic decisions of scientists? (invited talk), Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands

November 2020 — Do Political Views of Researchers Affect their Scientific Decisions? (invited talk), Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

February 2020 — Team composition and inclusion in contemporary science (invited talk), Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen, Germany

November 2019 — Mixed-methods as a trend in social epistemology, Science and Contemporary University 9, University of Niš, Serbia

October 2019 — Contemporary topics in empirical philosophy (invited talk), Petnica Science Center, Serbia

September 2019 — Empirically calibrated models of group structures in contemporary experimental biology, EPSA 2019, University of Geneva, Switzerland

August 2019 — Optimal team structures in science, CLMPST 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

July 2019 — The use of empirical calibrations in agent-based modelling: a case study, LEAHPS 2019, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

April 2019 — Characteristics of the Contemporary Scientific Community: an Empirical Approach (invited talk), with Tijana Nikitović, Laboratory for Experimental Psychology, Belgrade, Serbia

April 2019 — The sunk cost bias and the halting problem in science, Biases in Science 2019, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Germany

March 2019 — Adequate group structures in experimental biology, Empirical Studies in Psychology 2019, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, Serbia

March 2019 — The case for empirically calibrated agent-based models, Agent-Based Models in Philosophy: Prospects and Limitations, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

September 2018 — Invited commentary on Joint GAP-GWP-Colloquium Belief Aggregation and Epistemic Diversity in Science, Cologne, Germany

July 2018 — The use of big data in social epistemology of science, Société de Philosophie des Sciences Meeting, Nantes, France

July 2018 —  Predicting efficiency of  scientific performance in high energy physics, Society for Philosophy of Science – SPSP – Conference, Gent, Belgium

June 2018 — Argumentative structures in biology: a study of pathogen discoveries, East European Network for Philosophy of Science – EENPS – Conference, Bratislava, Slovakia

April 2018 — Psychological phenomena in social epistemology of science  (invited talk), Seminar of the Laboratory for Experimental Psychology, Belgrade, Serbia

March 2018 — Psychological explanations of phenomena in social epistemology of science: the case of high energy physics, Empirical Studies in Psychology 2018, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, Serbia

January 2018 — Meeting with the Fermi Society of Philosophy

December 2017 — On moral relevance of non-human animals and duties that follow from it (invited talk in Serbian), Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, Serbia

August 2017 — Benefits and limitations of public scientific data repositories, Ninth European Congress of Analytic Philosophy – ECAP9, Munich, Germany

August 2017 — The inductive constrains to operational research of scientific performance in high energy physics (invited talk), Eberhard Karls University of  Tübingen, Germany

May 2017 — How to optimize scientific research? Philosophical aspects of data-driven analyses, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP), Germany

April 2017 — Discovering Disease-Causing Mechanisms: an Argumentation Perspective, Nordic Network on Philosophy of Science meeting – NNPS 2017, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

April 2017 — Contemporary Science and the University (invited talk in Serbian), Radio Talk, Serbian National Radio

December 2016 — How Specific Arguments Defeat General Dogmas: Lack of Parsimony in Molecular Biology, Workshop “Argument Strength”, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, Slides.pdf

November 2016 — Interdisciplinarity in Contemporary Philosophy: the Case of Social Epistemology (in Serbian), Science and Contemporary University 6, University of Niš, Serbia

September 2016 — Importance of External Experimental Data Repositories for Science Policy, Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation 5 (PSX5), Belgrade, Serbia  

August 2016 — Animals and Moral (invited talk in Serbian), Radio talk, Serbian National Radio

Sep. 2015 — On Expressivity of Some Structurally “Enriched” Calculi (invited talk), Seminar of the Institute of Philosophy II, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Sep. 2015 — Testing Epistemic Efficiences via Data-driven Simulations, SOPhiA, Salzburg, Austria

July 2015  — Structurally Enriched Sequent Systems, Logic and Language Theory Seminar (invited talk), Eberhard Karls University, Tüebingen, Germany

April 2015  — The Notion of Structure in Logic, OZSW Graduate Conference in Theoretical Philosophy, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

April 2015 — Measuring Efficiency of Knowledge Acquisition in a Laboratory: the Case of Fermilab, Panel in Philosophy of Science, University of Belgrade

Dec. 2014 — Virtual Knowledge in a Scientific Context, Contexts, Novi Sad, Serbia

Nov. 2014  — Contemporary Technologies in the Teaching of Logic, RIK, Rijeka, Croatia

Sep. 2014  — Remarks on What is Structural in Logic, SOPhiA, Salzburg, Austria

June 2014 — Logical Methods in Social Epistemology (invited talk), Macedonian Philosophical Society and Institute of Philosophy, University of Skopje

April 2014 — Display Sequent Systems (invited talk), General Proof Theory Seminar, Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

April 2014 — Proof-Theoretic Semantics and Philosophical Paradoxes, The First Belgrade University Graduate Conference in Philosophy, Serbia

March 2014 — On Purposes and Variations of Cut Elimination (invited talk), Cool Logic Seminar, ILLC, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

March 2014 — Cut Elimination in a Multi-type Display Calculus (invited talk), Applied Logic Seminar, TU Delft, the Netherlands